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Homme face, a famous American skincare company pursuing simplicity and functionality, launched a collaboration product with Supadelixir!
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  • DATE 2020-11-12 00:00:00
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HommeFace, a famous American skincare company 

pursuing simplicity and functionality, launched a 

collaboration product with Supadelixir!

-HommeFace, leading the men's skincare business in the United States, 

joined hands with Supadelixir, and introduced a new product.


 The "SKIN RESCUE INTENSIVE HYDRATION SOOTHING CREAM" product provides moisturizing and soothing to many men who enjoy the western American lifestyle of outdoor activities such as jogging, cycling, swimming and tannings. It is a mild functional cream that can be used on any sensitive skin.

It is also effective in relieving acne and can be used regardless of age and gender.

The active ingredient of this cream is Supadelixir's Tri-Peptide Binterin™

"SKIN RESCUE INTENSIVE HYDRATION SOOTHING CREAM" is starting to get customers' attention and they are selling well on the official web store and Amazon. Also, as a promotion for Black Friday and the launch of the new product HommeFace is offering a 15% discount on its official mall and Amazon.


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