Platform Technology

Interaction of Peptide-Protein(AdiponinTM - Adiponectin Receptor Bond)

About Peptide

A peptide is a short chain of 2 to 50 amino acids, each of which serves as a building block of protein.

When three amino acids combine to form a peptide, it is called a “tripeptide.” Tripeptides are small enough to diffuse through the skin efficiently,

so that they are highly beneficial drug and cosmetic active ingredients.

Core Bio-Science of SupadElixir

Techniques for conversion of useful human proteins to 3-mer functional peptides, which contain unique advantages over small molecule and protein agents

Identification of PPI Hotspots

Translation into Peptide

Advantages of SE-Tripeptide™

Even the best materials cannot function unless they are properly absorbed through the skin.

Tripeptides are small enough to be effectively absorbed through the skin. On the other hand, protein-based cosmetic products do not often produce optimal effects because they are too large to penetrate the skin. Although liposome or meso-roller helps to increase skin absorption, they have limitations. SupadElixir uses advanced technology to overcome these limitations.


53 Amino acid
6,200 Dalton MW


3 Amino acid
500 Dalton MW

Molecular Weight Comparison
with EGF Peptide

The 500 Dalton rule for the skin penetration
(SE-Tripeptide™ vs Other Peptides)

Skin penetration test

SE-Tripeptide™ penetrate into dermis layer


3D human skin model was treated with AMC-conjugated tripeptide(Blue) or FITC-conjugated EGF (Green)
and then observed under fluorescence microscopy.

Target specificity test

SE-Tripeptide™ bind to target protein with a high specificity.


Melanocytes were treated with AMC-conjugated Mitefin™ (Blue) or Rhodamine-conjugated MITF (Red) and then observed under fluorescence microscopy.
Mitefin™ specifically binds to MITF in nucleus.

Safety test

SE-Tripeptide™ is a biocompatible substance.

Test Result
Pb/As/Hg Not detected
N,N-Dimethylformamide/Acetic acid
Not detected
Total aerobic microbial count Not detected
1st skin irritation test Non-irritant
Phototoxicity test Non-irritant
Cumulative stimulation sensitization test Non-irritant

Peptide stability test

SE-Tripeptide™ are stable at room temperature and preserves their structural integrity under harsh conditions such as 50℃ for 4 weeks.

HPLC ( High Performance Liquid Chromatography) analysis

Efficacy (in vitro)test

SE-Tripeptide™ has a superior efficacy.

Human fibroblast cells were treated with FITC conjugated antibodies against COL1A and Elastin for detection by fluorescence microscopy .