Domestic Business Partners

  • Youngin Scientific

    supplying and servicing Laboratory Analytical Systems with advanced technologies

    · Phone : +82 31-460-9370
    · Website :
  • Hironic Co., Ltd.

    Global beauty medical device company leading the Korean cosmetic medical device market

    · Phone : +82 31-525-7000
    · Website :

    Leading company in the global beauty and medical equipment including DOUBLO series, a focused ultrasound lifting device selected as a 'World-Class Product' by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy
  • TOEVER Inc.

    The distribution company that makes customers' lives meaningful

    · Phone : +82 1688-1313
    · Website :

    Korean brand specializing in home beauty care based on Hyronic's technology

    · Phone : 1522-7599
    · Website :
  • Equip For Skin Co., Ltd.

    Exporter of medical devices and cosmetics raw materials

    · Phone : +82 31-967-4201
    · Website :
  • VonEstis

    Korea Esthetic Leader No.1 Premium Esthetic Brand

    VonEstis has functional cosmetics such as wrinkle improvement, whitening and UV protection for healthy and beautiful skin.
    We are developing moisturizing cosmetics and researching fragrances and flavors of products.

    Based on proprietary emulsifying technology and heritage materials, it has excellent usability, efficacy, and effectiveness through research on stabilization of skin-active ingredients.
    We develop various formulations and provide active solutions for skin aging based on dermatology and biotechnology.
    In addition, research on the behavior of beauty in the cosmetic use stage, quality, and sentimental research on the psychology of use, etc.
    A new concept of cosmetics is researched through diversified IT technology convergence.

    The cosmetics and products of differentiated beauty methods developed through this are not only in Korea,
    We spread the value of K-Beauty toward the ideal beauty in the global market.
  • Meditech Co., Ltd.

    A global innovator of medical laser devices for the aesthetic and surgical markets

    · Phone : +82 2-2026-8561
    · Website :

Overseas Partners


    Quality and affordable healthcare

    · 웹사이트 :
  • HommeFace

    Easy, simple, safe, but still effective

  • Topix Pharmaceuticals Inc.

    Develops skincare products using the highest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients

    · Website :
  • Farmacia Felicia

    The first network of pharmacies in Moldova!

    · Website:
  • Cristis Beauty Salon

    The beauty salon “CRISTIS” combines high skills and professionalism, modern technology and effective cosmetic products, exclusive equipment, comfortable atmosphere and exquisite design

    · Phone : (+373) 22 23-50-23
    · Website :
  • Asianbeautyastana


    · 웹사이트 :

    · Website :
  • The box and beauty

    Korean cosmetics webshop in HUNGARY

    · Online Shop :
  • Aesthetics Biomedical, Inc.

    A leader of development and distribution of best-in-class aesthetic devices

    · Phone : +1 800 726 5029
    · Website :

    A global Importer & exporter of qualified pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients

    · Phone : +39 02240 2051
    · Website :