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Supadelixir, 2020 KGPN Awards Ceremony
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  • DATE 2020-11-24 11:37:09
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2020 KGPN Awards Ceremony


KGPN (Korean Green Purchasing Network)

is a green product that consumers prefer with excellent environmental improvement effects, selected by consumers with the advice of experts. Inducing green purchasing by providing more reliable green product information to consumers through green product selection. KGPN has been doing it since 2008 to encourage companies to develop green products and revitalize the green product market. They have been proving information for consumers to purchase green products. As a result, they have discovered over 280 products from 100 companies over 11 years.


"Hahn's Peptide Ultimate Relief Cream" has been awarded the Green Product twice in a row following 2019. Also, Ultimate Relief Cream was also awarded the Green Product of the Year Popularity Award. It was selected as the popular product within KGPN among other green products.

Hahn's Peptide Ultimate Relief Cream

contains tripeptides "Binterin" and "Winhibin", new revolutionary actives, which are harmless to the human body. Binterin is a peptide (protein fragment) that mimics the CD99 protein and inhibits inflammation mechanism, and Winhibin peptide is derived from Sfrp5 and inhibits WNT signaling that induces melanin synthesis. Also, since it is composed of EWG safety grade ingredients (excluding 1 grade 3 and 2 non-grade ingredients), it was judged as non-irritating in the product skin irritation evaluation.

Supadelixir will improve environmental initiatives and will always be a responsible company considering the environment.


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